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For a healthy, silky and shiny coat while maintaining the skin are natural (and necessary) oils and fats. Thanks to Aloe Vera and Vitamin E, skin and hair are nourished and your best friend gets silky, super shiny hair and healthy skin.
Biodegradable, non-toxic, suitable for all ages (including dogs, cats, chickens, etc), and without added silicones and chemicals.

Make grooming even more fun with the Horse Care > Galloping Goop 5in1 Leave in Conditioner. The spray helps to get through the stiff horse hair, even though it improves the health of the coat completely or entangled. The spray adds a fresh scent, increases the shine of the coat and enhances the health of the coat! Specifically designed to be used when brushing thick coats to reduce discomfort for the horses, resulting in a pain-free experience!
It is a soothing formula for all skin types. The enriched formula contains lanolin, glycerin, honey extracts, vitamin E and aloe vera to better treat the skin of the horses.
Can also be used on dogs (puppies) and cats (kittens)

What are the functions of the 5 in 1 spray?
• Improves the health of the coat.
• Protected and reinforced
• Makes hair less likely to break
• Leaves hair shiny
• Condition and detangles

The 5 in 1 spray in combination with the Horse Care > Shampoo wipes is also a perfect stain remover. As a result, it can also occur that a tail does not come to comb, but that a brown layer first appears on it. This is then the stain removal function. Allow to dry and brush off the dirt. If the tail is clean, it will also be super combable

Horse Care > Galloping Goop has been developed in such a way that puppies, kittens and birds can also be washed with it.

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